Dial by voiceDial by voice

Tell us whom you want to call

Whenever you are connected with your Sparruf landline number, you can tell us with your voice, whom you want to call.

How it works

Call your Sparruf landline number and press the  *  key.

Answer the question:

"What do you want to do?"


"X Y Z   a n r u f e n",

where X Y Z must be in your speed dial list.


You have entered the Sparruf hotline as your first speed dial number:

Speed dial number

Destination number


0355 4949 0131

Call your Sparruf landline number, press  *  and clearly say:

S P A R R U F   a n r u f e n

and you will be instantaneously connected with the Sparruf hotline.


Dial by voice only works with numbers that are in your speed dial list.

Use the remarks column to enter the names for voice activated dialling.


The Sparruf speech recognition assumes, that all names have been entered using German spelling. Please take this into consideration when you want to call for example foreign names by voice. If in doubt, spell the name as you would pronounce it in German (Example: John = Dschonn).


As you can enter VoIP destinations in your speed dial list, voice activated calling will also work for VoIP destinations.


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Customer service

You have questions about our products? Please check out our "Questions and Answers".

Email: Service@sparruf.de

Hotline: 0355 4949 0196


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