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The landline number for all mobile flatrates

You are called on your landline number for which you have configured call forwarding to your mobile phone. Every forwarded call costs you 15 cents per minute.

This is expensive! But it's possible for less. A lot less:

Free call forwarding

Sparruf has invented the "free notification to call back"-function, to help you save. All you need is a flatrate for your mobile phone that includes free calls to German lanndline numbers.

That way, your friends and business partners can always reach you at normal landline rates, even if you don't have a land line or are just travelling a lot.

Finally: With a mobile flatrate (to call German landlines), you pay absolutely nothing!

How it works

After logging in, go to the MyNumber-tab and activate the function "free notification on ...".

If you don't call back or if you are having another conversation, the incoming call is forwarded to your voicemail.

Using this service as well as the registration with us is absolutely free of charge! If you call 0355 4949 0 49, the Sparruf system automatically assigns you a landline number.


You can add further numbers to your existing Sparruf account, by calling 0355 4949 000 from a number not yet known to Sparruf.

How do I see who is calling?

If you use normal "call forwarding", Sparruf always displays the number of the calling party. If no number is shown, your Sparruf landline number will be signalled instead.

If you use "free notification on ...", Sparruf first checks if the calling number is in your speed dial list. If that is the case, Sparruf appends the respective speed dial position to your Sparruf landline number. That way you can easily distinguish different callers and see who is calling you.

It is even more comfortable, if you store the extended Sparruf landline numbers in the address book of your mobile phone under the name of the corresponding person.


This feature is only available, if you have a landline number from your city.

2 mobile flatrates + Sparruf landline number = free mobile telephony

You have a mobile flatrate and the function "free notification on ..." is activated. The person who is calling you also has a mobile flatrate and calls you on your Sparruf landline number that is linked to your mobile phone. Your call will be absolutely free! Even if your mobile phones are on different networks.


Martin Kraus studies in Kiel and has no landline phone, but Vodafone SuperFlat instead - it covers all his calls to Vodafone numbers and to German landline numbers. His girlfriend Simone Gebhardt lived in Osnabrück and is using the Base flatrate, which covers calls to Eplus numbers and also to German landline numbers.

Using Sparruf, these networks can be linked in a way that all calls between these networks are free of charge!



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