Personal landline numberPersonal landline number

Even if you don't have a landline

As a Sparruf customer, you can request to get your own landline telephone number free of charge.

This number can be forwarded to your mobile, to your voicemail or can be used to receive faxes.

If you have a (mobile-)flatrate covering landline numbers in Germany, you can even be reached through your Sparruf landline number free of charge.

How to get your personal landline number

If you are not yet registered with Sparruf, please dial 0355 4949 000 to sign up.

Next, log onto and click on the MyNumber-tab.

Your personal Sparruf landline number is displayed at the top of the page.

Get a number from your city

For less than 1 € per month, you can get a number from your city.


Getting a number from your city has many advantages:


1 year     for only 12 €, equivalent to 1,00 € / month
2 years   for only 20 €, equivalent to 0,83 € / month
3 years   for only 25 €, equivalent to 0,70 € / month

Try with your landline number for 30 days for free!

Configuration or your personal landline number

All settings can easily be configured after logging in at MyNumber.


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