International dial-in numbersInternational dial-in numbers

Use Sparruf in over 45 countries

Sparruf provides free dial-in numbers in more than 45 countries.

The connection through these dial-in numbers to the Sparruf servers in Germany is completly free of charge!

That way you are able to use the Sparruf-tariffs abroad.

Important Note

All Sparruf dial-in numbers are landline numbers within the respective country. The cost for calling these numbers is thus dependent on your tarrif. It is therefore strongly recommended that you use a (prepaid)card from an operator within the respective country. Using a SIM card from another country is likely to result in high roaming charges.

How it works

Whenever you call, you are requested to enter your 6-digit Sparruf account number as well as your 6 digit PIN. Afterwards, you enter the destination number and Sparruf connects you. All calls are billed to your Sparruf account at the standard Sparruf rates.


You call our Spanish dial-in number +34 93 3938 134.
After you have entered your Sparruf account number and PIN, you dial a landline number in Germany. The call will cost you 3 ct per minute. Additionally, you will have to pay the rate of your spanish provider to connect to the Sparruf dial-in number. This should be relatively cheap as you are calling a landline number.

Tips and tricks

Here you find tipps on how to minimise your telephone costs abroad.

Overview of dial-in numbers:



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